Chronic Pain Relief

 Learn How You Can Get The CP Relief Wand

Welcome to Encounter Pain Relief and allow us to explain what we’re all about. We want to introduce you to the CP Relief Wand.  This device can help you to manage your pain at home or abroad. Imagine having something with you that reduces severe chronic pain to a manageable level quickly.  The CP Relief Wand is a groundbreaking device designed to help temporarily reduce or eliminate back pain, muscle spasms, nerve irritation, restless legs, Fibromyalgia discomfort and other types of chronic pain.  Our mission at “Encounter Pain Relief”  is to supply this product to you at an affordable price with payment plan options.This type of compression technology is very effective in controlling chronic pain. Caring for oneself is the first step to better health and as you manage your pain, there may be more of a desire to go out for that walk.   When diagnosed chronic pain in the Back, Muscle, Nerve, Restless legs or Fibromyalgia affects your physical condition and takes away your desire to do the things you love, you may want to consider trying the CP Relief Wand for 30 days.Call Today to order: 573-616-1479

Relieve Chronic Pain Distress, This is A Drug Free Alternative, FDA Cleared, Reliable Pain Relief, and Made in the USA

This is the CP Relief Wand Compression Technology

For What? and How is it used?

Reducing Fibromyalgia Pain 

 Fibromyalgia is a disorder that affects the way your brain processes pain signals, resulting in widespread musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, and memory issues. * Use the CP Relief Wand over the most severe pain points first to decrease severe pain then lesser areas of pain.

 Reducing Restless Legs symptoms

What are Trigger Nerves? The trigger nerve is the spot or area which projects the restless leg symptoms. These areas can sometimes be painful, restless or itchy. * Run the chronic pain relief device vertically down the leg covering the whole calf. The device picks up on the trigger nerves allowing you to concentrate Wand over itchy restless or painful areas.

Strained Muscle Pain Relief

Chronic Pain in the muscle due to a muscle strain. *Before treatment  with device make sure it is checked by a doctor. Determine the size and location of the pain. Do this by  pressing the finger around the painful area until the most painful spot is found. Place device over the most painful area first then over less painful areas.

Pain Control Treatment

Chronic pain is pain that persists longer than six months. Whether the pain is mild, chronic, episodic or constant, it is a type of pain that can cause unwanted stress and discomfort. Chronic pain can cause loss of work, depression and hopelessness. * This device can be used for pain except on the face, chest, front and sides of neck, and head. Requires a prescription if you have an electrical implanted device.  It has helped people get back to work and has changed peoples lives because of the pain reduction it provides.

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